Ghost Giant is about relationships and it looks wonderful

With a dash of Tearaway and a bucket full of charm, Ghost Giant just got announced in Sony’s pre-e3-reveal-a-thon. The PSVR game from Zoink! (Fe, Stick It To the Man) is mostly about Louis, but then again, it’s a lot about you as well. Louis is a lonely fellow living on the outskirts of Sancourt tending to the family’s sunflower farm, which I imagine isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. Until you arrive of course.

Playing the role of, well, a ghost giant, you play your part by interacting and helping Louis in his daily issues and challenges. You do the heavy lifting, solve puzzles and take moments to listen in on conversations, or even twist and turn entire buildings to see what’s going on inside.

As pretentious as this might sound, it all comes off quite hopeful – which in this day and age is just what we need. Check out the trailer below for some first impressions, and of course we have screenshots on the game page.

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