In Trials Rising you can become famous or famously wipe out on a tandem bike

Tonight, Ubisoft announced their next Trials game called Trials Rising. Your rise to fame will happen across famous locations like the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower – all locations where you can either succeed and look good doing it, or completely obliterate yourself.

Leaderboards, local and online multiplayer are all things that should keep you busy for a while, but a contracts mode has also been added in which you progress by impressing sponsors and making yourself a career. There’s also a brand new tandem bike mode in case you need to test your friendships.

Other than that it’s definitely Trials with all its bells and whistles, plus a shinier new look and tons of customization. Should be a hoot regardless of your skill level.

Feel free to check out the game page for more screenshots and info while you wait for its February 2019 release.

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