You may or may not be able kill people with a muffin when Hitman 2 launches in November

What’s worse. You, Agent 47, viciously murdering someone with a muffin – or being at the receiving end of such a heinous action? Is there any pride in being killed by a muffin? Surely it must be the poisoned kind, but I’ll admit I’d like to see it utilized in other ways too.

Enough about muffins, Hitman 2 is back and it’s not episodic. Why not, you ask? I haven’t the faintest idea. I do however know that there will be a big new campaign spanning 6 locations. At the moment we only know of Miami, but more will surely be revealed as we get closer to November 13. There will be new features and modes, more elusive targets and I bet a gazillion ways to wipe someone out. Story-wise it seems that Agent 47 will learn ever more stuff about his past while also chasing down the Shadow Client.

A standalone mode called Sniper Assassin will let you and a friend plan your takedowns together in glorious co-op. You can try out that mode right now if you are the pre-ordering kind of person.

Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of what’s to come, and may it serve as inspiration for your moment in the spotlight come November.

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