New Game+ hits God of War on August 20 along with new gear and more difficult enemies

Are you a maxed out God just sitting in your cabin with nothing to do? You fixed the roof, you swept away the mess in the back yard and your kid is bored shooting the occasional arrow at bewildered trolls. Then by the Gods do I have good news for you.

On August 20th, 4 months after the launch of God of War, there is stuff coming to the game. On the very top of the list is New Game+, which lets you take all your fancy gear and armor and thread once more out in the wilderness to beat the living hell out of anything that moves on your journey to the mountain. The only prerequisite is that you have finished the game once, and I’m pretty sure you already have. Right?

It’s not just New Game+ though. Santa Monica is bringing more in the shape of new equipment. A whole new rarity level has been added along with a new resource to craft new items at said rarity level. Enemies will pose a bigger danger, and some might even pull a new trick out of the hat for a surprise. When you’re done whacking them in the head, you can even skip cut-scenes to get to the next fight.

With a bunch of new armor, enchantments and fiercer enemies, August 20 might be a day reserved for the gods.

Are you going back in?

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