Paradox takes Stellaris to a new frontier by releasing a console edition

If you have a feeling that 4x games typically belong on PC, you would be right. Which is why it seems both daunting and very exciting that Paradox Interactive has decided to bring their popular space strategy extravaganza Stellaris to consoles. The vastly open game gives you the chance to explore and take advantage of space in any way you see fit. Whether that is exploring, conquering or delving into the story and lore that Paradox has cooked up is entirely up to you.

Starting at version 1.7, Stellaris will by all accounts not just be released and left drifting towards a black hole of zero updates and patches, but is expected to receive DLC and updates following the initial release, just like its PC counterpart.

People attending Gamescom this week will get a chance to try out the game for themselves and see if deep strategy has any business being on a console.

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