Rockstar promised Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay today and they weren’t kidding

The question most people seem to be asking themselves after watching 6 minutes filled to the brim with everything western is: Is it October yet? The answer is, sadly, no.

There is plenty to take in while being mesmerized by all the systems, story elements and stuff going on in the walkthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, starting with the sheer beauty of the thing. What we learned is that the world will probably be as alive as anything you’ve seen in an open world previously, and the things you can do in said world seems almost limitless. Apologies, I’m gushing.

As an outlaw you will find yourself on the move, and while on the move you will settle down in bases scattered around the world. There’s an upkeep here keeping people fed, happy and ready to go. Even your choice of horse for any given job is something you should think about; is this a horse good for fast paced riding, or is it better suited to haul loot? Dead-eye returns, which is basically your bullet time, and the close quarter combat seems fully fledged out and brutal. How you interact with people decides how they behave, and it’s up to you who you save or leave to their own demise.

This trailer gives a good overview of what to expect, what kind of interactions you will do and just how mindblowingly good it all looks, but Rockstar teases at the end that next video will show missions and activities among other things. Red Dead Redemption 2 seems dense.


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