Puzzles, adventure and family bonding in My Brother Rabbit coming later this month

If anyone is familiar with the concept of puzzle games, it’s the minds working at Artifex Mundi, and while I’m not overly familiar with what is usually a hidden object type of game, there is something more elaborate and intriguing about My Brother Rabbit. Perhaps it is the notion of family and illness that lays the backdrop of the story and mechanics, or it could be that I’m just a sucker for a decent casual puzzler.

With hand painted landscapes and eerie music by Arkadiusz Reikowski (Layers of Fear, yeah, that one), there might be enough surrounding the core mechanics to keep and eye on it. Because what you will do is still find secret objects around the various scenes, but you will use these to solve mini games. They range from color-matching to fixing stuff and heaps more. The story for which these mechanics serve a purpose involves a family and their sick child. Her older brother takes a deep dive into a fantasy world in the form of a rabbit with a similar goal – curing someone – and throughout that journey you will do said things while sharing a common motivation.

It remains to be seen if the promise of an emotional ride combined with good music, art and puzzles holds up, but you and I can decide that when it launches on September 21.

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