Test yourself in the western themed arenas by mad Dr. Rischboter in The Surge this fall

On the plus side there will be heaps of new armor pieces, weapons and implants to enjoy as you battle your way through the cleverly named The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented expansion for The Surge when it launches on October 2nd. On the negative side though, it’s basically just and elaborate arena/dungeon mode, but themed like a good old fashioned western. That could be cool enough, and if you want to challenge yourself against the evils and trials of Dr. Rischboter, this is your chance.

The CREO facility is filled with test chambers for you to conquer, each one ending with a tricked out challenger eager to give you a whoppin’.

The expansion will be out on October 2, and the teaser below is cool. That is all.

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