Borderlands 2 is getting the VR treatment in December

You could argue it’s getting that treatment right now, but the game won’t be out until December 14. With that out of the way, happy birthday PSVR, which turns 2 on October 13. Along with the self-congratulatory news, PlayStation also announced a bunch of different things, including the upcoming release of Borderlands 2 VR.

The game features teleport-movement, will be single player only, but will let you aim your car-cannons with your head while you drive to make sure you crash. It also comes with a bullet-time mode called BAMF (BadAss Mega Fun Time), which should make the often hectic moments in Borderlands a tiny bit less complicated. Skills have been revamped to include BAMF, and also to make sure some of the co-op skills now makes sense on your own.

Borderlands 2 VR will be out on December 14, and you will have loot in every color of the rainbow barfed down on your face. It could very well be glorious.

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