Days Gone pushed to April

Considering all the games that said “nope!” to share October with Red Read Redemption 2, and move themselves to February of next year, it is perhaps no wonder that Sony has decided to move Days Gone out of February and swiftly into April. Or to be more precise, April 26.

The zombie infested open world game set in the Pacific Northwest is maybe one of the games in a long streak of exclusives, most of which have been huge hits, that has garnered the least amount of attention and hype. People just don’t seem that into it. Regardless of what people may think of it, and how it ultimately turns out, it’s probably wise to move it away from games-as-a-service type titles like Anthem, and of course Metro: Exodus. This will give Bend Studios more time to smooth out of a couple of polygons and iron a bug or two.

A bummer or a smart move? Both?

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