PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds brings chicken dinners and shooting to PS4 next month

It was inevitable, wasn’t it? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is officially coming to PlayStation 4, and if you’re eager to get into the 100 player mayhem, you only have to wait until December 7th before you can do so.

At one point the most popular battle royale game out there, PUBG has come far since its early access days and last year’s official release. The game will arrive on PS4 with 3 maps, ranked, custom matches and a bunch of trophies to earn. Some PS4 exclusive content comes in the form of Uncharted themed outfits and Ellie’s backpack from Last of Us.

Are you psyched, bored or just ridin’ the Fortnite train all night long? PUBG will launch on December 7.

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