Fight spirits and reclaim an island in The Pathless, the next game from the makers of ABZÛ

Just one in a long line of reveals from The Game Awards, The Pathless stands out part because it’s a game from the makes of ABZÛ, but also because it looks really cool.

You play as a hunter tasked with the daunting mission of cleansing and entire island from the evils that inhabits it. They come in the shape of spirits both small and huge. We’re talking 4-headed fiery dragons huge. The hunter is not alone though, and with you on the journey is an eagle that perhaps might become an ally in battle, but will most definitely let you hang on to it for dear life as you traverse valleys and forests. There’s a mystery to the game that is pretty on brand with Giant Squid’s previous work, and I can’t wait to see more.

No firm release date yet, but expect to solve puzzles and shoot your bow next year.

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