Hitman HD Enhanced Collection announced – out next week

If having the whole Hitman 2 experience delivered at once has left a void in your life after obsessively finding out every way you can end your target’s life, then this might be interesting. IO Interactive and WBIE announced today that Blood Money and Absolution has received the mythical 4k/60fps treatment. Along with those extra frames comes better textures, tighter controls, upscale support and better lighting for you to, uhm, hide in.

Apparently it wasn’t enough just to announce this and maybe say “2019!”, instead you will get your trigger happy claws on the collection starting next week – or January 11 to be more precise. The collection is priced like a full game ($59.99), which I have mixed feelings about. If you’re the ultimate assassin however, and in desperate need for more, then this might hit that spot.

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