Borderlands 3 gets a proper announcement, guns with legs and a cool trailer to boot

In what was perhaps the roughest press conference I’ve seen in ages, but we all got a proper pay-off at the end. Sure, we had to endure the debut trailer for Borderlands 3 at a whopping … 15 frames per second? But in the end they managed to show that glorious thing as intended.

Yes, they announced remasters of Borderlands and The Handsome Collection, which is neat when taking into account all the stuff they added for Borderlands 1. Minimap, 4 player split screen co-op and Shift keys among other things. But let’s be honest, we’re here for Borderlands 3, and Borderlands 3 we got.

It’s been five years in the making, and the trailer featured tons of footage, some spectacular locations and a humongous roster of characters, so it might be safe to say that we’ll see a release this year? There’s more to come, including more information on April 3rd. Until then, revel in the trailer below.

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