Marvel’s Iron Man VR announced for PlayStation VR

Sony’s first State of Play debuted last night, and while there’s a wide array of opinions about it out there, you can’t deny that it was short, sweet and pretty much straight to the point. 20 minutes of game trailers intertwined with a couple of announcements and release dates, and you had yourself a PlayStation Direct of sorts.

First out during the online only show was the announcement of Marvel’s Iron Man VR, which as you might have guessed, is a VR game starring you as Iron Man. Prepare to be peppered with fancy visor information (just like in the movies, right?) and blast people in the face with your palms using Move controllers. A new suit called the Impulse Armor has been designed for the game. As much as you’ll be zipping around the skyline battling famous villains, Camouflaj also promises a solid story to back up the action.

The game will be out later this year.

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