You can finally change your potentially embarrassing PSN Id starting today

We all make mistakes, and Sony probably regret doing the one where changing your online ID became the biggest hassle in the world. But the feature is finally here, albeit with a couple of issues.

I’ve brushed over this before, but since it’s now officially live, a recap is fitting. You can change your PSN ID on your console (through settings) or in a browser. The first change is free, all consecutive changes will have a fee ($9.99 USD / CAD and $4.99 USD/ CAD for Plus subscribers). You can change it as many times as you see fit, and you can revert to an older ID the same amount of times. A consequence of this is that if you want to change it to something that wasn’t available before, in the hopes that it now is, that won’t happen. Being able to change back to an older id means it sticks with you regardless unless Sony starts enforcing a limit as to how long you can have it in your backlog. For compatibility reasons I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

All games published for the first time after April 1st 2018 should be unaffected, but you can check the list here: This will give you an idea if a change will mess up one of your games. Side-effects for games that do not support the change is loss of progress, trophies and even access to paid DLC. In other words, check that list.

For the full announcement along with some frequently asked questions, check out the PS Blog.

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