Beat up Frankenstein and dragons as Dracula, Queen Victoria and more in Bookbound Brigade

The unlikely heroes of Bookbound Brigade are both vertically and horizontally challenged as they stampede back and forth in order to beat the living daylights out of familiar fiends and foes. There is no I in team this time around, because your group of 8 all stick together and play as one, but each with unique skills and traits that you will have to apply under the right circumstances.

Bookbound Brigade is part brawler, part platformer and all metroidvania, which means you get to punch a lot of stuff as you run around, backtrack and learn new stuff to progress. It sports a cartoon-y look and looks a little bit nutty.
The characters in your group include Dracula, King Arthur, Queen Victoria, Nikola Tesla, Cassandra, Dorothy Gale, Sun Wukong the Monkey King and Robin Hood. Based on the trailer it seems you will have to endure the terrors of fire breathing dragons, Frankenstein and the occasional hammerhead shark among others.

The game will be out later this year.

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