Concrete Genie launches this October with photo mode and plenty of extras

Concrete Genie is all yours on October 8 this year (October 9 for EU), and it’s quite the package that comes along the main game if you shell out for the deluxe edition at $39.99. The regular edition is yours for $29.99.

A photo mode has been confirmed, and it even features a timelapse replay mode which means you can show off how your end result came to be. It probably won’t set the world on fire, but it’s a neat feature for a well established mode, and I’m happy to see it being improved.

The digital deluxe version also comes with the soundtrack, an art book, extra tools and a dynamic theme. All digital of course. Per-order incentives include avatars and another theme. Included in both versions of the game are the two previously announced VR modes.

Concrete Genie is shaping up to be something neat, and I look forward to paint skating in just a couple of months.

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