Genshin Impact takes the plunge to consoles and brings open world, dragons and magic with it

Previously expected to launch on iOS, Android and PC, Genshin Impact is now properly announced for the PS4 as well.

Developed and published by miHoYo, Genshin Impact features a vast open world, a party of 3 and plenty of magic and monsters to beat. In the land of Teyvat you will be tempted to explore for secrets and dive into the combo-based combat system. Bigger enemies seems to be climbable, and the world itself divided into regions with different themes and enemies.

You will encounter 30+ characters to recruit, all with different skill sets, abilities and elements to handle, which means you can mix up and plan your party to your play style. Particularly fond of fire and thunder? No problem. The game also supports some kind of multiplayer, where you can invite friends to help out. I’m not entirely sure of the extent of this, but at a minimum you can get help smacking that big dragon on the nose.

The game is currently in beta on other platforms, with a full release expected next year.

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