New town, more rides, that vibe and rogue cops awaits you in Need for Speed Heat

On November 8 you will be tearing streets apart in Need for Speed Heat, the last outing in a franchise as old as time itself. Almost.

EA and Ghost Games officially announced the previously leaked racer, taking place in a new fictional playground called Palm City. There are promises of more cars, more customization and plenty of challenges to keep you busy. The two currencies in the game called Bank and Rep, are earned during daytime and night time events respectively. During the day you will be doing legal racing in circuits in order to earn some income for customization and upgrades, while the evening activities are all about street racing and evading what is apparently a bunch of rogue cops with one goal: Usually you. Getting caught means you will lose what you’ve earned, so might as well stay fast.

The game will be out on November 8, but you can grab yourself 10 hours of early playtime on November 5 if you subscribe to EA Access or Origin Access Basic. Check out the trailer below which features a tiny of bit of actual gameplay in between some occasional cringe inducing chatter.

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