PlayStation 5 confirmed to launch holiday 2020

In a post by SIE President Jim Ryan on the PlayStation Blog today, the next generation Playstation (now officially called PlayStation 5) got a launch window along with some details about the new Dualshock.

First and foremost, the console will launch next year, but we don’t have an exact date. Expect square-shaped Christmas presents though. He also spilled some beans on the updated controller which may or may not be called Dualshock 5. The first new thing is haptic feedback which will replace rumble. This will contribute to a more tactile experience when playing games, where you can feel the difference in textures whether you’re running or driving through sand, snow or asphalt. Sounds exciting! In an interview with Wired they confirm that this feature could have been part of the half-step upgrade for the Pro, but decided against splitting the audience. The controller also utilizes usb-c and a bigger battery, the latter adding a little bit to the weight.

The second new controller feature comes in the form of adaptive triggers. These are now customizable which means that developers can decide the level of resistance you feel when using them. In their (good) example, pulling the string of a bow should feel heavier than flicking a switch. Check out the full blog post here.

The Wired posts also manages to get some further details on the SSD (but no price or size yet), and the option to separate installs on a per-game basis. If you prefer the single player in Call of Duty but never touch the multiplayer, the option to only install (or uninstall) the parts you care about will be a possibility. Games will come on 100 GB discs, and the 5 will finally support 4K Blu-ray playback.

Check out the rest of Wired’s post for more tidbits and details.

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