New trailer for Ghost of Tsushima looks absolutely amazing while also nailing down a release window

The Game Awards is over, announcements came and went, people spoke and thanked, trailers were shown. Did I mention trailers were shown?

Oh boy. If you’re looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima this is a pretty solid treat for you. With a mixture of in-game footage and cinematics, this new look provides a little more detail on what to expect. You will of course be riding horses a lot, and you will do so through vast fields with the wind blowing through your hair, mask and all that grass. There is also what looks like your Far Cry-encampment setups where you stealthily wipe out the whole thing or go in flash bangs a-blazing. PlayStation is doing a lot of wonderful things with open world games, and Ghost of Tsushima might be shaping up as a good contender.

Not a lot has been said about its release date, even drawing speculation that this would end up being pushed back as a PS5 title, but alas, the trailer ends with “Summer 2020”, so it’s definitely on.

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