PlayStation has spilled the first beans on next-gen VR for PS5

PlayStation has confirmed the existence of a next-gen version of their VR headset along with a couple of details about its evolution. The set, which won’t be released in 2021, will see a great increase in performance and interactivity according to a post on PlayStation Blog.

To the delight of pretty much everyone, the new headset will come with a single cord solution which should make hooking it up, and keeping it hooked up, a little less frustrating than the cable barf that is the current version. Higher resolution, better field of view and better tracking are among the keywords that ring like music in my ears.

A little less expected but nonetheless greatly appreciated, is the announcement of a new VR controller. It will come with features that we know from the DualSense, so prepare for rumble and button resistance as you shoot, jump or slash your way through the games currently in development.

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