We Just Played: Aery – Little Bird Adventure (PS4)

The pitch of Aery – Little Bird Adventure is “a peaceful exploration game from the perspective of a little bird”. These things are mostly right. You are indeed a little bird and there is some resemblance of exploration. I have to admit though that after 30 minutes of the same song playing and having not inverted the controls, it was time for a break.

In Aery you control a bird looking for feathers. Controls are pretty basic in that you can fly up, down, left and right and even do a little barrel roll if you’re in the mood. Environments stretches from the somewhat abstract to forests and villages and the color scheme is usually pretty bright and stark. I might have gotten a bit lost a couple of times, and there was that one cave that wasn’t a cave at all.

The repetitive music takes a little bit of the peace out of peaceful, and halfway through the game you don’t really have a incentive or the space to explore. The latter could change in later levels though. It’s mostly ok, but maybe also not that chill or exciting?

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