We Just Played: Roombo: First Blood (PS4)

How do you explain what Roombo: First Blood is all about? Easy, you’re a robot vacuum cleaner and you’ll do anything in your power to kill burglars breaking into your house. That makes complete sense.

In my 20 minute fresh dive into the game I get to grips with the concept and I successfully (and unsuccessfully) kill thieving bastards and recover our valuables across several rounds. Watch my grades … degrade. The game features tank controls as well, but I chose to opt out to make it less painful to watch.

Controlling the vacuum cleaner, you’re able to stealth your way across the house, honk to attract attention and hack outlets, doors, lamps and more in order to create situations in which these rather dumb burglars get hurt bad. Manage to take one out? Well you gotta vacuum that sucker up. After finishing the room a timer starts ticking and you’re tasked with cleaning up the mess you’ve made. Easier said than done!

There’s more depth to the game than comes across in my playthrough though. Taking out one burglar is easy, but successfully managing three of them requires planning, honking and perseverance. You’ll get awarded for it later on though, when your anger meters tops off and you have the option to ram them into oblivion. My attempt at keeping the house safe ends up rather sad, as a bug (or complete ignorance?) make it seem like a burglar is out of bounds and we’re unable to progress. Sad times.

Roombo: First Blood is an amusing little game by Samurai Punk and it’s out now.

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