PlayStation VR2 detailed and Horizon VR game announced

The next iteration of the Sony’s commitment to VR got some juicy details announced today, including its proper name, specs and even a game announcement.

First things first, it’s called PlayStation VR2 and you’ll be using the PlayStation VR2 Sense to conduct your VR business. It will blast 4k HDR within a 110-degree field of view right into your eyeballs at a pleasant range of 90/120Hz. It uses an OLED display so everything should be crisp and smooth, two things that always go well together.

The headset skips the need for a camera completely, using inside-out tracking to keep track of your movements and directions. It even has eye tracking to further enhance whatever experience you find yourself entangled in. PS5’s existing Sense capabilities are also incorporated, utilizing an integrated motor create detailed vibrations for some of that lovely immersion.

In addition to all the tech goodies, Guerrilla and Firesprite are working together to create Horizon Call of the Mountain for the PSVR2, and you can check out the teaser below. Not a lot is known about the scope of the game, but there are people close to the project on Twitter hyping it up, so you’re allowed to be excited.

You can check out more detailed specs on the PlayStation Blog.

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