Silent Hill 2 remake in the works

We haven’t heard about anything Silent Hill in ages, but tonight Konami really opened the flood gates and we got all sort of fun horror news.

Among those news is a remake of Silent Hill 2, helmed by Bloober Team which is a studio near and dear to the horror genre (Layers of Fear). They are working closely with Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito to bring a new shine on a 21 year old game, including a revamped sound design and a new musical style. The gameplay has also been modernized to catch up with current trends. The Medium director Mateusz Lenart is holding the reigns as lead director.

Silent Hill 2 is a console exclusive to PlayStation 5, but you will also find it on Steam when the time comes.

No announcement is complete without a trailer though, so check that out below.

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