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2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation PS3

2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation

Aidoneus Island, in the Marquesas Archipelago in the South Pacific, the landing point of "Meteor 3", the same meteor the aliens called the "Aerogators" sent long ago, as well as the primary headquarters of the military association known as the "Divine Crusaders", who threw the Earth Sphere into chaos... The oceanic area around it has been blocked off, and for a time, it has vanished from the stage of history. But behind that stage's curtain, a certain plan has been steadily proceeding.

That plan is to have a special task force which uses ISA tactics (Blitzkrieg operations using mobile battleships that fill the role of an aircraft carrier, and the humanoid mobile weapons placed on board such battleships) and acts according to the will of the President of the Earth Federation Government. It is established under the codename "GS."

"GS" is a military organization independent of the Earth Federation Army, and its primary mission is to carry out special presidential orders concerning military problems. In addition, refortification of Aidoneus Island has been proceeding under the direction of the president's two aides, and on that island, a variety of project deliverables, many new weapons, have been being gathered. However, the true nature of "GS" is being kept secret, and on the surface, it has been designated as an experimental squadron for new weapons. Will "GS" be a new sword to protect the Earth Sphere?
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  • JP November 29, 2012
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: Banpresto
Publisher: Bandai-Namco
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