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Bitter Smile. Vita

Bitter Smile.

A visual novel adventure with Eroge roots, Bitter Smile is now available as a port for the PS Vita. Originally a PC exclusive, this Japanese erotic visual novel captured the hearts and palpitations of many, inspiring a whole generation of cosplayers and doujin artist.

Though the story seems to follow standard harem Manga/Anime fare, many intricate plot twists and complex situations help this title to surpass it's genre. Follow Yu Yazaki on a trip back to his hometown and see how his life will change when three beautiful sisters make a sudden appearance.

Will their presence push him towards manhood and will Yu be able to confess your feelings for the right girl? With the convenience of portability through the PS Vita, never miss a heart beat in this edition of Bitter Smile.
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  • JP November 28, 2013
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Platform: PlayStation Vita icon

Developer: TGL
Publisher: TGL
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