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Guns of Icarus Online PS4

Guns of Icarus Online

At least one hundred years have passed since the Great War consumed the planet. One hundred years since the human race ate hungrily of mother earth, squandering resources that could have carried them forward for millennia. In the heat of the sun, there is an unsettling, inescapable truth: man has fallen from his throne. Humanity now lives amongst the ruins left by a century of conflict, but from the wrecked steel of the past they will forge their own future. Lighter-than-air technology has inspired intrepid pioneers to take to the skies in search of trade and resources to support their towns and families.

Guns of Icarus Online is the successor of the original Guns of Icarus -- a dieselpunk themed game that takes place in a barren and war torn land. Communities had been isolated from each other with few traveling between them until Gabriel rediscovers flight in the form of a zeppelin and cargo ship combination, the Icarus. This online expansion of the franchise focuses heavily on multiplayer airship combat. Multiple players will be board a ship and carry out a ship’s many roles, many ships can be on a server and set the skies on fire with heavy firepower. Players are encouraged to work together while they are on a ship in order to fulfill the ship’s needs like managing repairs while shooting at enemies. By specializing in one of the three available roles (classes) and communicating with shipmates, players will be able to rule the skies with an iron hand. As a part of Multiplayer Campaign, crews can aid towns in trade and affect the world ecosystem of Burren.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Muse Games
Publisher: Muse Games
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