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Gunsport PS4


Gunsport takes place in an alternate future where humans have grown tired of war. Nations' petty disputes are now settled with the World's Game, Gunsport. It's the cyberpunk future of Neo Tokyo, Neo USSR, The Free Congo, Blue Cambodia, Nuovo São Paulo. Neon lights and repurposed technology populate this world, filling it with a restless analog hum.

Gunsport is like volleyball or sepak takraw, except instead of using hands or feet, you use guns to propel a ball into your opponents' territory. Gunsport is all about keeping the ball in the air, and getting it into a goal at a choice moment. The more times the ball passes the net (during a volley, as it were) the more points it's worth, and the more dangerous it becomes to miss a shot. And your shots are limited, so you have to aim carefully, time your shots with care, and communicate with your teammate.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Iron Galaxy Studios
Publisher: Iron Galaxy Studios
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