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Hitogata Happa PS3

Hitogata Happa

Shoot 'em up with Hitogata Happa, one of three titles in the Gundemonium Collection — the 2-D anime-style scrolling games in the intense indie bullet hell genre.

Vertically scrolling upward, the action in this game is a visual mish-mash of bullets, bombs, tanks, laser beams and fireballs that will give your senses a total overload. Collect gems along the way to help you in your mission and defeat the boss at the end of each of the six stages.
Hitogata Happa is a Action-game for the   developed by Rockin' Android and published by Rockin' Android.
  • US June 15, 2010
  • EU August 4, 2010
  • JP N/A
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