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Macross Trial Frontier PS3

Macross Trial Frontier

Part of the epic sci-fi saga, Macross Trial Frontier follows the flow of PSP's widely acclaimed Ultimate Frontier titles, allowing for transformations between your fighter jet's three forms, skies filled with missiles, and voiced music accompanying your battles.

Trial Frontier is based off the the movie Macross Frontier: The False Diva and will feature characters and mecha from the movie. The connection goes so deep that this videogame release comes bundled exclusively with the anime movie in the Macross Frontier: The False Diva Hybrid Pack. You'll find the movie and Macross Trial Frontier on the same disc. Boot the disc up in a PS3, and you'll have access to the game content as well as the video movie.
Macross Trial Frontier is a Action-game for the   developed by Bandai-Namco and published by Bandai-Namco.
  • US N/A
  • EU N/A
  • JP February 3, 2011
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