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MagNets PS4


MagNets for PS4 is a fast-paced top-down 3D “collect-em-up” game with single and multiplayer options, coming soon to PC and consoles. As Park Ranger in Polarity City, the City’s Master Analysis and Organisation Robot (MAyOR) has programmed you with the honourable – if boring – task of maintaining the mindless maintenance “Bloxbots” in the park. If any of them go wrong (and they often do), you need to scoop them up in your electromagnetic net, or “MagNet”, short-circuit them and clean up their mess. Take their scrap metal to the “Recycletron” and get just what you need in return. But something is very wrong… why are so many bots malfunctioning? Why are they so set on destruction? And where in the world have all the cute little Magnetpets gone?
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Developer: Total Monkery
Publisher: Total Monkery
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