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Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost PS3

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost

Extreme Vs. Full Boost retains the trademark gameplay of previous installments of the Gundam Vs. series, with a few adjustments and changes.Gamplay makes use of four primary buttons: Shoot, Melee, Jump, and Search. There are also three sub-commands used by pressing Shoot and Melee (Sub-Weapon), Shoot and Jump (Special Shooting) and Melee and Jump (Special Melee). In addition to these, machines can have two different charge attacks, activated by holding the Shoot or Melee button until a meter on the ammunition display fills.

Extreme Vs. adds in two important gameplay changes. Extreme Action is the ability to dash-cancel one's attacks, allowing the player to string together larger and more damaging combos. Extreme Burst is a super mode, similar to older games' Awakenings, activated by pressing Shoot, Melee, and Jump together when a meter at the bottom of the screen is filled.
Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost is a Fighting, Mech-game for the   developed by Capcom and published by Bandai-Namco.
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