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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12 PS3

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12

A tactical strategy simulation game in which you become a hero of the Three Kingdoms Period and lead your subordinate officers in order to unify China. Many new elements in the game bring out its profound strategic aspect, such as the newly added "Defensive Strategies" mode, in which you can enjoy attacking or defending against secret attacks by resourcefulness strategists; "City Engineering" mode, in which you can increase your city's strength by utilizing its distinguishing characteristics; and "Foreign Tribes" mode, in which ominously present foreign tribe may become your ally or foe. In addition to new scenarios and an editor function, "Strategist Conqueror" mode also makes a first appearance. In this mode, you aim to conquer famous strategists awaiting on the battlefield one after another in order to become the strongest strategist.
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  • JP September 28, 2013
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo
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