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Sengoku Basara 4 PS3

Sengoku Basara 4

Like all Sengoku Basara Games, the fourth one is once again based on the tumultuous Warring States period of ancient Japan where unification of the nation was the result; while accurate documents of the era exists, the fun is in paving the way for the actual event - hack and slash style!

Featuring the same sharp contemporary aesthetic and unique character design, enter n.battles loosely based on historical moments of how the Sengoku period bega Gameplay wise so far, there have been over 40 confirmed characters, a "brother in arms" three player tag team attack, ridiculous enemy soldier formations and an alternate "what if?" mode.
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  • JP January 23, 2014
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon
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Developer: Omega Force
Publisher: Capcom
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