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The Jackbox Party Pack PS4

The Jackbox Party Pack

The team behind You Don't Know Jack presents FIVE guffaw-inducing party games in The Jackbox Party Pack, an instant party-starting bundle! Players play using their phones, tablets, or even computers as controllers -- making it the perfect easy-in entertainment piece for your next game night or party. Once a game is started from the in-pack menu, players simply connect to the “” web address on their device and then enter the provided 4-letter room code to enter a game. No big mess of controllers needed!

The comedy trivia sensation You Don't Know Jack 2015 (1-4 players) tests the mind with hundreds of all-new questions. The hilarious bluffing game Fibbage XL (2-8 players) will put you all in a lie with 50% more questions added to the original hit game Fibbage. The bizarre drawing game Drawful (3-8 players) lets players draw their way towards an answer right there on a phone or tablet for. Dare to be as racy as you want to be in the fill-in-the-blank word game Word Spud (2-8 players). And finally, a whole crowd can gather around the wacky-fact-filled Lie Swatter (1-100 players).
The Jackbox Party Pack is a Party, Trivia-game for the   developed by Jackbox Games and published by Jackbox Games.
  • US November 18, 2014
  • EU June 2, 2015
  • JP N/A
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