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A Summer with the Shiba Inu PS4

A Summer with the Shiba Inu

Syd the Shiba Inu quits her job in Canine-da, and goes to fight other dogs on an Island. What could go wrong? Your choices matter - there are multiple drastic ways to change the fate of Shiba Island, with 10+ variants depending on how you treat the dogs you meet along the way.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Quill Game Studios
Publisher: Quill Game Studios
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  • 14 Trophy bronze icon
  • 10 Trophy silver icon
  • 6 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Platinum Shiba
Adjustment pixel Platinum Shiba: Get all other trophies.
A Syd Reality
Adjustment pixel A Syd Reality: You achieved your first Reality.
Text me maybe
Adjustment pixel Text me maybe: You sent your first Bobork Talk message.
Sans Q, Next
Adjustment pixel Sans Q, Next: Let go of the present.
Shiba Island
Adjustment pixel Shiba Island: You returned to Shiba Island.
Meet Quei-li
Adjustment pixel Meet Quei-li: You met a strange dog. Is she friend or foe?
Maximum Likelihood Estimator
Adjustment pixel Maximum Likelihood Estimator: You reunited with Max.
First clue / Late summer
Adjustment pixel First clue / Late summer: Found your first clue about Chun-wen's disappearance.
Endure and Survive
Adjustment pixel Endure and Survive: We could lose our minds together...
Arishan (Mountain Ari)
Adjustment pixel Arishan (Mountain Ari): You recalled what happened in ARIna 9.
Baked Fan-shu
Adjustment pixel Baked Fan-shu: You survived ARIna 9.
Hei-fen Hong in your ari-a
Adjustment pixel Hei-fen Hong in your ari-a: You made your peace with a challenger.
Cape No. 5
Adjustment pixel Cape No. 5: You recalled what happened in ARIna 5.
Tai-paw 101
Adjustment pixel Tai-paw 101: You recalled what happened in ARIna 12.
Oh, Canine-da
Adjustment pixel Oh, Canine-da: You quit your office job in Toron-tail.
Ai-yu jelly
Adjustment pixel Ai-yu jelly: You survived ARIna 5.
Xue-la gamsung
Adjustment pixel Xue-la gamsung: You survived ARIna 12.
It's a dog eat dog world
Adjustment pixel It's a dog eat dog world: You made your choices.
Drop a Syd
Adjustment pixel Drop a Syd: You did not survive the ARIna this time around.
Best Ever Reali-Ti (BERT)
Adjustment pixel Best Ever Reali-Ti (BERT): Not so much for Max, however. Model is being fine-tuned...
Adjustment pixel Quilly: Quilly 2008-2013 May you sleep well in the green green grass and tall tall palms.
New ARI Solitary ARI (NASA)
Adjustment pixel New ARI Solitary ARI (NASA): You revolutionized the world. Or did you?
A Syd Trip
Adjustment pixel A Syd Trip: You stayed true to yourself and explored worlds beyond.
Leaky ReLU
Adjustment pixel Leaky ReLU: Got out of a sticky situation in the water.
Alternating Least Shibas
Adjustment pixel Alternating Least Shibas: You agreed to a collaborative filtering process of other ARIna contestants.
Maximum a posteriori
Adjustment pixel Maximum a posteriori: The choices that you most frequently made let your relationship with Max stay true.
Yours Truly
Adjustment pixel Yours Truly: You learned the truth about Quei-li.
Adjustment pixel Stochastic: You gradient descented into the Feather's Reality.
Beaglenetta 3
Adjustment pixel Beaglenetta 3: Syd was waiting for it for 6 years. But Paw-tal 3 when?
My Everything
Adjustment pixel My Everything: You and Quei-li spend the rest of your lives together.
My Everything (Deluxe)
Adjustment pixel My Everything (Deluxe): You and Quei-li spend the rest of your existence together.