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Alone In The Dark

Alone in the Dark, originally known as Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation and informally known as Alone in the Dark 5 to avoid naming confusion, is the fifth installment of the survival horror video game series under the same name created by Atari.

Originally, the game was to coincide with the release of the film version of Alone in the Dark. However, developer Eden Games decided to delay the game and rework it entirely from scratch, making it seem like the film appeared to deviate from the Alone in the Dark game franchise, save for the fact that the film was in some ways a sequel to Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

Alone In The Dark is a Third-Person, Adventure, Horror-game for the   developed by Eden Games and published by Atari.
  • US November 18, 2008
  • EU November 30, 2008
  • JP N/A
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Progression: 2 of 50
100% Complete
100% Complete: Unlock the platinum trophy by unlocking all other trophies
BLACKOUT: Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
Earned Thu May 14 09:30:30 2009
QUESTIONS: Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
PAINFUL ANSWERS: Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
FIGHT BACK AND LOSS: Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
NOT ALONE ANYMORE: Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
THE TRUTH: Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
THE PATH OF LIGHT: Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
THE LIGHT BRINGER: Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
A Day in Central Park
A Day in Central Park: Complete the game.
Cockpit Addict
Cockpit Addict: Drive all the way down 59th street in Cockpit view.
The Blind Man
The Blind Man: Finish the 'Wake Up' sequence without blinking.
Earned Sat May 16 17:16:17 2009
Countdown to Death
Countdown to Death: Stop your wound from bleeding.
Purification by Fire
Purification by Fire: Destroy the Vampirz' nest.
Meet Again
Meet Again: Meet Theophile in room 943.
Revive: Revive Sarah.
Stuntman: Jump across the gap using the tow truck.
Hidden Cave
Hidden Cave: Discover the secret of Central Park.
The Path of Light
The Path of Light: Don't Kill Sarah.
The Path of Darkness
The Path of Darkness: Kill Sarah.
Burning Root
Burning Root: Burn a root of evil.
Flaming Roots
Flaming Roots: Burn half of the roots of evil.
Blazing Roots
Blazing Roots: Burn all roots of evil.
Basic Combination
Basic Combination: Tape up a bottle.
Nuke: Kill 3 Humanz at once.
The Smart Fighter
The Smart Fighter: Kill any Humanz with the 'spray + lighter' combination.
The Molotov Cocktail
The Molotov Cocktail: Insert a wick into a bottle with flammable content.
Cocoon: Burn a cocoon.
The Air Bomb
The Air Bomb: Throw a bottle filled with flammable liquid and shoot it mid-air.
The Sticky Bomb
The Sticky Bomb: Take a bottle filled with flammable content or a spray and combine it with an adhesive.
Fire Bullets
Fire Bullets: Make a fire bullet by pouring flammable liquid on it.
The Glowstick Bomb
The Glowstick Bomb: Combine a taped bottle filled with flammable content or a spray with a glowstick.
Useless!: Combine an empty taped bottle with a wick and an emergency flare.
Handyman Carnby
Handyman Carnby: Make all possible combinations in the inventory.
The Sharpshooter
The Sharpshooter: Finish off a Humanz by shooting fire bullets at it's fissure.
Demolition Expert
Demolition Expert: Build the most destructive weapon.
Fissure: Burn a fissure.
The Biggest of All
The Biggest of All: Beat the Museum Monster.
Goal!: Kick 10 Ratz.
Toasted Eggs
Toasted Eggs: Burn a Ratz nest.
Vampirz: Burn one of the Vampirz.
Fisherman's Foe
Fisherman's Foe: Shoot a goldfish.
Unlimited Offer
Unlimited Offer: Call all contacts in your address book.
Wired: Hotwire a car.
Car Thievery
Car Thievery: Unlock a car door after breaking the window.
Free Gasoline
Free Gasoline: Pierce a car gas tank and fill a bottle with the fuel.
Never Leave a Key Here
Never Leave a Key Here: Find a car key in the sun visor.
The 10 Mile Race
The 10 Mile Race: Drive at least 10 miles with a vehicle.
Eradication: Kill 100 Humanz.
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary: Bandage 5 deep bleeding wounds.