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Arcade Islands: Volume One PS4

Arcade Islands: Volume One

Arcade Islands: Volume One is the ultimate collection of 33 games for up to four players
Arcade Islands: Volume One is a Arcade-game for the   developed by Teyon and published by Mastiff.
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Simply the Best
Simply the Best: Collect all the trophies.
Casual: Earn 1 star in each game.
Hope of Mankind
Hope of Mankind: Earn 2 stars in each game.
The Legend
The Legend: Earn 3 stars in each game.
Still Learning
Still Learning: Earn 1 star in 20 games.
Halfway There
Halfway There: Earn 2 stars in 15 games.
Getting Good at This
Getting Good at This: Earn 3 stars in 10 games.
Good Enough
Good Enough: Earn 1 star in 5 games.
Almost Pro
Almost Pro: Earn 2 stars in 3 games.
I Can Do It!
I Can Do It!: Earn 3 stars in a game.
I Want Them All
I Want Them All: Unlock all islands.
Conqueror: Unlock Tropic Island.
Party Hero
Party Hero: Win a game against 3 players.
Last Time, Promise!
Last Time, Promise!: Have your teammates revive you 30 times.
It’s Over 10,000!
It’s Over 10,000!: Earn at least 10,000 points in a game.
Oops I Did It Again
Oops I Did It Again: Play again after failing 3 times in a row in any game.
One-Sided: Eliminate all enemy team members without losing yours in a team-versus game.
High and Dry
High and Dry: Earn 3 stars in Hopper Jump without getting wet.
Sapper: In Bouncing Fish,throw the corpses of the other player on the bomb to make it explode.
Resurrected: Die 3 times in one run in the Fennec Fox Tower multiplayer mode.
Memento: Discover 5 pairs in a row in Memory.
Hungry: Eat 3 big fish in one run in Jellify Pufferfish.
Eye of the Tiger
Eye of the Tiger: Make 3 holes-in-one in one run in Lava Golf.
Family Guy
Family Guy: Earn 2 stars in Double Dodo Breakout without losing a single dodo.
Necromancer: Get a skull block in Hex Eggs by clearing 3 lines in one move.
Protected: Lose and regain the shield in Bear Battalion after earning 3 stars.
Morgan's Sorrow
Morgan's Sorrow: Destroy 3 boss ships in one run in Pirate Foray.
Confused: Discover another player's item 5 times in Cups of Truth.
Night Watch
Night Watch: Survive an invasion in Fruit Invaders.
Average Only
Average Only: Break 5 perfect combos in Lava Bridge Builder by getting "Good Bonus".
Collector: Collect 30 special balls in River Defense.
Thunderstorm: Summon 3 lightning bolts with a single spell in Thor's Thunder.
Headstrong: Finish a round despite being poisoned in Mystical Totem.
Stick Together
Stick Together: Get 3 close shots in a row in Space Rockets.
Headhunter: Get 5 headshots in a row in Cannon Rescue.
Emperor: Destroy 20 asteroids at the same time in Meteors.
Daredevil: Win without allowing your opponent to score in Frosty Hockey.
Death Wish
Death Wish: Kill the rival player who popped your balloon in Alien Balloonists.
Near-Death Experience
Near-Death Experience: Kill 30 sharks that get very close to you in Underwater Escape.
Sleeper: Put 30 hens to sleep in Rooster Romp.
War Hero
War Hero: Survive as the last player on the team and eliminate at least 5 enemies in The Last Siege.
Chameleon: Change color 15 times in Power of Color.
Poisoner: At least 2 rivals lose their lives after picking up poison in Super Vegan Anaconda.
Bug-Proof: Survive 12 rounds in Block the Bug!.
Cat's Lover
Cat's Lover: Recover 2 lives in a row without losing any in Flight of the Witch.
Contrived: Remove at least 8 balls in a single move in Hi-Tech Lines.
Aim for the stars!
Aim for the stars!: Collect 30 stars in Deep Cosmic Trip.
Raven Lord
Raven Lord: Summon 3 ravens at once in Viking Scavengers.
Whisperer: Cast 4 spells consisting of at least 3 signs without any mistakes in Brooding Ritual.
So Close
So Close: Miss with rockets 10 times in Laboratory Work.