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Astria Ascending PS4

Astria Ascending

In a world where chaos looms, players take control of the Demigods – a motley crew of eight heroes charged with the fate of the world. Each character has their own story, explored across five cities, twenty-five dungeons and thirty hours of gameplay up to fifty for 100% of completion. Along with the finely tuned turn-based combat, players can try out a range of side quests and mini-games, including an original fantasy-themed token game.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon
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Developer: Artisan Studios
Publisher: Dear Villagers
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Adjustment pixel Completionist: Congratulations on completing the game! Your name will forever be etched into the stars.
Troubled Waters
Adjustment pixel Troubled Waters: Complete chapter 1
Sea of Suspicion
Adjustment pixel Sea of Suspicion: Complete chapter 2
Troubled Fires
Adjustment pixel Troubled Fires: Complete chapter 3
Hateful Wings
Adjustment pixel Hateful Wings: Complete chapter 4
Troubled Sands
Adjustment pixel Troubled Sands: Complete chapter 5
Traitors and Family
Adjustment pixel Traitors and Family: Complete chapter 6
Family Business
Adjustment pixel Family Business: Complete chapter 7
Letters from a Son
Adjustment pixel Letters from a Son: Complete chapter 8
Adjustment pixel Worship: Complete chapter 9
The Forgotten Fruits
Adjustment pixel The Forgotten Fruits: Complete chapter 10
Young Love
Adjustment pixel Young Love: Witness the events at the Scorpio Temple
Long Live the King!
Adjustment pixel Long Live the King!: Witness the events at the Cancer Temple
The Weight of Power
Adjustment pixel The Weight of Power: Witness the events at the Taurus Temple
In Her Memory
Adjustment pixel In Her Memory: Witness the events at the Capricorn Temple
Star-Crossed Lovers
Adjustment pixel Star-Crossed Lovers: Witness the events at the Aries Temple
The Truth
Adjustment pixel The Truth: Witness the events at the Sagittarius Temple
Flock of Rebels
Adjustment pixel Flock of Rebels: Witness the events at the Libra Temple
Ideas of Harmony
Adjustment pixel Ideas of Harmony: Witness the events at the Aquarius Temple
Fly to the Heavens
Adjustment pixel Fly to the Heavens: Complete chapter 12
The Sacrifice
Adjustment pixel The Sacrifice: Complete chapter 13
Adjustment pixel Thirteen: Complete chapter 14
The Ancient Seal
Adjustment pixel The Ancient Seal: Complete chapter 15
Adjustment pixel Dissonance: Complete chapter 16
The World After
Adjustment pixel The World After: Complete chapter 17
Dutiful Demi-god
Adjustment pixel Dutiful Demi-god: Complete all quests
Hunter For Hire
Adjustment pixel Hunter For Hire: Complete all Hunts
Ultimate Collector
Adjustment pixel Ultimate Collector: Collect all different tokens
Expert Player
Adjustment pixel Expert Player: Win 100 J-Ster games
Arena Champion
Adjustment pixel Arena Champion: Complete the Arena Challenge
J-Ster Champion
Adjustment pixel J-Ster Champion: Complete the J-Ster Arena Challenge
Projectile Launcher
Adjustment pixel Projectile Launcher: Obtain the Physical Ring Power
Water Bearer
Adjustment pixel Water Bearer: Obtain the Water Ring Power
Adjustment pixel Arsonist: Obtain the Fire Ring Power
In Her Image
Adjustment pixel In Her Image: Obtain the Earth Ring Power
Adjustment pixel Updraft: Obtain the Wind Ring Power
A Gift from the Arbiters: Main Job
Adjustment pixel A Gift from the Arbiters: Main Job: Obtain a Main Job for a character
A Gift from the Arbiters: Sub Job
Adjustment pixel A Gift from the Arbiters: Sub Job: Obtain a Sub Job for a character
A Gift from the Arbiters: Support Job
Adjustment pixel A Gift from the Arbiters: Support Job: Obtain a Support Job for a character
A New Specialty For Everyone
Adjustment pixel A New Specialty For Everyone: Obtain a Main Job for all characters
New Abilities For Everyone
Adjustment pixel New Abilities For Everyone: Obtain a Sub Job for all characters
New Hidden Talents For Everyone
Adjustment pixel New Hidden Talents For Everyone: Obtain a Support Job for all characters
Break the Limit
Adjustment pixel Break the Limit: Use a Cosmo Break
Heed My Call!
Adjustment pixel Heed My Call!: Summon
Lucky Guess
Adjustment pixel Lucky Guess: Hit an enemy's weakness
Little Item Shop
Adjustment pixel Little Item Shop: Collect every item
Weapons Connoisseur
Adjustment pixel Weapons Connoisseur: Collect every weapon
Shield Bearer
Adjustment pixel Shield Bearer: Collect every shield
Armor Hoarder
Adjustment pixel Armor Hoarder: Collect every armor
Hat Fashionista
Adjustment pixel Hat Fashionista: Collect every helmet
Accessories Enthusiast
Adjustment pixel Accessories Enthusiast: Collect every accessory
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