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Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DX PS4

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DX

The promise begins. The Dusk series, a trilogy of RPG titles from Gust's popular Atelier series, tells the story of a world on the verge ruin, told from the perspective of its unique characters. The 1st title in the series Atelier Ayesha is now available as a deluxe version.
Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DX is a Role-playing game-game for the   developed by Koei Tecmo and published by Koei Tecmo.
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All Trophies Earned
All Trophies Earned: All Trophies Earned
What were you doing?
What were you doing?: Ernie came to the workshop when you where in a rush.
Amusing Ayesha
Amusing Ayesha: You dropped your wallet, and a weird girl saved you.
Bazaar!: You took part in Vierzeberg's bazaar.
Thrilling Treasure Contest
Thrilling Treasure Contest: You took part in Harry's Contest.
Flower Smell
Flower Smell: You were reunited with Nio in a surreal place.
Reunion: You accomplished your goal of reuniting with Nio.
Wind Ruler
Wind Ruler: You went with Wilbell to accomplish her task.
The Last Labor
The Last Labor: You helped Regina with her last labor.
The Two
The Two: You watched the battle between Linca and Linca.
Ancient Dragon Slaying
Ancient Dragon Slaying: You slayed the dragon with your party.
At Paradise
At Paradise: You saw Keith enjoying his hobby.
Big Sister's Heart
Big Sister's Heart: You dressed Juris up with Regina.
Sending Sheep
Sending Sheep: Ernie carried you home safely.
Sisters Thereafter
Sisters Thereafter: You talked to Nio after she came back.
Dress Up
Dress Up: You saw Tanya all dressed up in Marietta's Store.
Feeding: You saw Fred giving his bread to children.
To Them
To Them: You attended the party for Juris.
Building Block
Building Block: You discovered a gigantic slag at an ancient ruin.
Ernie's Long Legs
Ernie's Long Legs: You relaxed your body at a salty hot spring.
One Who Rules the Land
One Who Rules the Land: You defeated a powerful land combat-type slag.
One Who Rules the Sky
One Who Rules the Sky: You defeated a powerful flying-type slag.
The End of the Journey
The End of the Journey: Your long journey ended and your new life began.
The Witch and the Alchemist
The Witch and the Alchemist: You went with Wilbell to get permission to open a shop together.
Future of a Female Prospector
Future of a Female Prospector: You went to visit Regina, who retired from prospecting and went back home.
And the Trio
And the Trio: You went with Marion and Linca to their new post.
Hunter Life
Hunter Life: You spent time with Juris and Nanaca, earnestly engaged in a hunt.
Search for the Truth
Search for the Truth: You decided to go with Keith to search for the truth about alchemy.
Working Ma'am
Working Ma'am: You continued to accept requests from others and became a master apothecary.
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter: You decided to go on a journey with Harry to search for treasures around the world.
Girls Gathering!
Girls Gathering!: You became friends with all the girls, and had a girls gathering party.
Sage's Hermitage
Sage's Hermitage: You were worshipped and praised as Lady Ayesha by the townsfolk.
First Victory!
First Victory!: You won the Thrilling Treasure Contest for the first time.
Grand Champion!
Grand Champion!: You continued to win the Thrilling Treasure Contest, and were given the title of Grand Champion.
One High Point
One High Point: Your Alchemy Level reached 50.
Another High Point
Another High Point: Your Battle Level reached 50.
A Flower of Memories
A Flower of Memories: You've started collecting memories. But your journey has just started.
A Bouquet of Memories
A Bouquet of Memories: You've collected many memories. But your journey still continues.
A Garden of Memories
A Garden of Memories: You've collected a lot of memories. It's proof that you went on a long journey.
All Unlocked!
All Unlocked!: All contents unlocked.
Reunion (Hard Mode)
Reunion (Hard Mode): Reunited with Nio.