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Balan Wonderworld PS4

Balan Wonderworld

Entering a whimsical and bizarre land through a mysterious theatre, players will take on the role of Leo and Emma as they embark on an adventure like no other. Led by an enigmatic maestro named Balan, they must navigate through Wonderworld to restore happiness and balance the hearts and minds of all they encounter here.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon
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Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
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  • 31 Trophy bronze icon
  • 13 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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A Theatre off the Beaten Path...
Adjustment pixel A Theatre off the Beaten Path...: Collect all trophies
Storm Survivor
Adjustment pixel Storm Survivor: Complete Chapter One
Marine Mates
Adjustment pixel Marine Mates: Complete Chapter Two
Bug Buddies
Adjustment pixel Bug Buddies: Complete Chapter Three
I Can Fly
Adjustment pixel I Can Fly: Complete Chapter Four
Triumph for Trees
Adjustment pixel Triumph for Trees: Complete Chapter Five
Kitty Companion
Adjustment pixel Kitty Companion: Complete Chapter Six
Children of Chess
Adjustment pixel Children of Chess: Complete Chapter Seven
In Love at Last
Adjustment pixel In Love at Last: Complete Chapter Eight
Feelings Laid Bare
Adjustment pixel Feelings Laid Bare: Complete Chapter Nine
Painted Perfection
Adjustment pixel Painted Perfection: Complete Chapter Ten
Zero to Hero
Adjustment pixel Zero to Hero: Complete Chapter Eleven
Seen Again
Adjustment pixel Seen Again: Complete Chapter Twelve
Balance Restored
Adjustment pixel Balance Restored: Defeat Lance
Three-act Play
Adjustment pixel Three-act Play: Complete every Act Three
Dress Rehearsal
Adjustment pixel Dress Rehearsal: Don a costume for the first time
Maestro of Mystery
Adjustment pixel Maestro of Mystery: Collect your first Balan statue
Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
Adjustment pixel Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head: Collect your first raindrop
Tea Tim(e)
Adjustment pixel Tea Tim(e): Feed a drop to a Tim for the first time
Drowning in Drops
Adjustment pixel Drowning in Drops: Collect over one thousand drops in a single act
Balan's a Happy Chappy
Adjustment pixel Balan's a Happy Chappy: Collect every gold Balan statue
Balan's a Really Happy Chappy
Adjustment pixel Balan's a Really Happy Chappy: Collect every multicoloured Balan statue
Casual Costume Fan
Adjustment pixel Casual Costume Fan: Collect twenty costumes
Costume Collector
Adjustment pixel Costume Collector: Collect fifty costumes
Full Wardrobe
Adjustment pixel Full Wardrobe: Collect every costume
Adjustment pixel Timdale: Populate the Isle of Tims with thirty Tims
Adjustment pixel Timtopia: Populate the Isle of Tims with one hundred Tims
Tim of Legend
Adjustment pixel Tim of Legend: Bring the Ultima Tim into the world
Clockwork Happiness
Adjustment pixel Clockwork Happiness: Unlock the Tower o' Tims
Adjustment pixel Tick-tock: Complete the Tower o' Tims
Solid Sportsmanship
Adjustment pixel Solid Sportsmanship: Play every mini game in every chapter
Hello, Father
Adjustment pixel Hello, Father: Discover the Father Tim statue
Adjustment pixel Negated: Defeat a Negati for the first time
Non-stop Negativity
Adjustment pixel Non-stop Negativity: Defeat one thousand Negati
Gate Guard
Adjustment pixel Gate Guard: Defeat a Negate-guarding Negati for the first time
Combo Breaker
Adjustment pixel Combo Breaker: Defeat five Negati in a row
Lanced Endlessli
Adjustment pixel Lanced Endlessli: Defeat a Lanced Endlessli
Lanced Multipli
Adjustment pixel Lanced Multipli: Defeat a Lanced Multipli
Lanced Plenti
Adjustment pixel Lanced Plenti: Defeat a Lanced Plenti
Lanced Nessi
Adjustment pixel Lanced Nessi: Defeat a Lanced Nessi
Adjustment pixel Ghostli: Defeat a Ghostli
Somebody Stop Me
Adjustment pixel Somebody Stop Me: Catch a fleeing cast member
Backstage Pass
Adjustment pixel Backstage Pass: Find your way backstage for the first time
Beginner Busker
Adjustment pixel Beginner Busker: Perform on a stage for the first time
Veteran Busker
Adjustment pixel Veteran Busker: Perform on every stage
Balan Wannabe
Adjustment pixel Balan Wannabe: Play a round of Balan's Bout for the first time
Heir Apparent
Adjustment pixel Heir Apparent: Complete every round of Balan's Bout ranked "Excellent"