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Baldur\'s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear PS4

Baldur's Gate Siege Of Dragonspear

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear is an expansion pack for the role-playing video game Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition developed and published by Beamdog
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Beamdog
Publisher: Beamdog
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  • 4 Trophy silver icon
  • 1 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Power of the Bhaalspawn
Adjustment pixel Power of the Bhaalspawn: All trophies completed
The End of Korlasz
Adjustment pixel The End of Korlasz: Dealt with Korlasz, the last follower of Sarevok.
A Long Journey
Adjustment pixel A Long Journey: Set out upon the journey to Dragonspear Castle.
Your Father's Grave
Adjustment pixel Your Father's Grave: Reached Boareskyr Bridge, the site of Bhaal's death.
A Critical Moment
Adjustment pixel A Critical Moment: Saved Boareskyr Bridge from destruction at the hands of the crusade.
Hasty Retreat
Adjustment pixel Hasty Retreat: Discovered Hephernaan within Dragonspear Castle.
Adjustment pixel Defender: Successfully defended the coalition camp from attack.
The Devil You Know
Adjustment pixel The Devil You Know: Destroyed the devil Belhifet.
Know Thyself
Adjustment pixel Know Thyself: Help Ammon in the Korlasz family tomb.
Family Secrets
Adjustment pixel Family Secrets: Discover a secret hidden away in the Korlasz family tomb.
Far Out
Adjustment pixel Far Out: Summon three creatures to the Prime Material Plane using the Spectacles of Spectacle.
Adjustment pixel Diffusion: Stopped the sickening energy emanating from the spellstone.
Not The Battle We Came For
Adjustment pixel Not The Battle We Came For: Peacefully surrendered Bridgefort to the crusade.
Give The Enemy No Quarter
Adjustment pixel Give The Enemy No Quarter: Pushed the crusade back across Boareskyr Bridge.
Inside Job
Adjustment pixel Inside Job: Sabotaged the drawbridge at Bridgefort and let the crusaders in.
Strange Bedfellow
Adjustment pixel Strange Bedfellow: Delivered the amulets of his former companions to Coldhearth.
Dumathoin's Disappointment
Adjustment pixel Dumathoin's Disappointment: Destroyed the lich Coldhearth and his phylactery.
String Cutter
Adjustment pixel String Cutter: Destroyed the mind flayer Darskhelin.
Blessed By Talona
Adjustment pixel Blessed By Talona: Poisoned supplies within Dragonspear Castle.
Divine Pact
Adjustment pixel Divine Pact: Recruited Caelar Argent to your side.
Adjustment pixel Atonement: Left Caelar Argent behind to guard the portal to the Prime Material Plane.
Stand Alone
Adjustment pixel Stand Alone: Defeat the elite crusader Ashatiel in a one on one battle.
A Reunion of Friends
Adjustment pixel A Reunion of Friends: Reunited the spirits of Daeros Dragonspear and Halatathlaer.
Adjustment pixel Thorough: Defeated the elite crusaders guarding the rear of Dragonspear Castle.
Kanaglym Cleansed
Adjustment pixel Kanaglym Cleansed: Defeated the cabal of wizards hiding within lost Kanaglym.
Appeal to Reason
Adjustment pixel Appeal to Reason: Present evidence of the crusade's crimes to Julann.
Detailed Investigation
Adjustment pixel Detailed Investigation: Find the traitor within the coalition camp.
Adjustment pixel Trivium: Perform a task worthy of the Terrible Trivium.
It Wasn't Me!
Adjustment pixel It Wasn't Me!: Convinced Duke Belt that you weren't responsible for Skie's murder.
Breaking Point
Adjustment pixel Breaking Point: Persuade Rigah to turn against Julann.
In the Name of the Father
Adjustment pixel In the Name of the Father: Commanded Madele to murder in the name of Bhaal.
Adjustment pixel Amendments: Ordered Madele to amend her murderous misdeeds.
Painful Recital
Adjustment pixel Painful Recital: Fail to impress the ancient menhirs with your singing ability.
He's Just Misunderstood
Adjustment pixel He's Just Misunderstood: Side with Tsolak the vampire.
Four on One
Adjustment pixel Four on One: Defeated the burglars in Sorcerous Sundries by yourself.
Stone to Flesh
Adjustment pixel Stone to Flesh: Save all the missing refugees in the Coast Way forest.
A Complete Set
Adjustment pixel A Complete Set: Find all of Takos's missing heirlooms.
Well Done
Adjustment pixel Well Done: Deal with an angry water elemental.
Whipped Into Shape
Adjustment pixel Whipped Into Shape: Train all of Vigilant Halasan's recruits properly.
Nature Lover
Adjustment pixel Nature Lover: Sided with the surface druids at the underground river entrance.
Dark Ally
Adjustment pixel Dark Ally: Sided with Ferrusk at the dark druid circle.
Family Reunion
Adjustment pixel Family Reunion: Track down all of Glint's family members.
Get Out!
Adjustment pixel Get Out!: Get the strange voice out of Neera's head.
Harper's Gift
Adjustment pixel Harper's Gift: Aid Khalid with his romantic request.
Grub... Doubled
Adjustment pixel Grub... Doubled: Help M'Khiin find her path.
I Don't Care
Adjustment pixel I Don't Care: Convinced Corwin that you did not commit murder.
Adjustment pixel Unpopular: Have Baeloth, Viconia, M'Khiin, Dorn, and Edwin in the same party.
Newer Kids on the Block
Adjustment pixel Newer Kids on the Block: Have Corwin, Glint, M'Khiin, and Voghiln in the same party.
You Chose... Poorly
Adjustment pixel You Chose... Poorly: Thrix claimed a party member's soul.
The O.G.
Adjustment pixel The O.G.: Reunite with old friends.
Adjustment pixel Explorer: Explore all unique encounters.
Scales of the Beast
Adjustment pixel Scales of the Beast: Forged a dragonscale item.
Tapped into the Void
Adjustment pixel Tapped into the Void: Forged a void weapon.
Adjustment pixel Darkseer: Use infravision to navigate an area of darkness.
Well, It's Heavy
Adjustment pixel Well, It's Heavy: Acquired a gold bust of yourself.
I'm A Wizard and That Looks...
Adjustment pixel I'm A Wizard and That Looks...: Murdered the trapped crusaders in the Temple of Cyric.
All the Allies
Adjustment pixel All the Allies: Recruit all the bonus allies possible for the final battle.
All the Enemies
Adjustment pixel All the Enemies: Fight all the bonus enemies possible at the final battle.
The Hard Way
Adjustment pixel The Hard Way: Picked the least suitable units to fight the crusaders at the coalition camp.
Proud of Yourself
Adjustment pixel Proud of Yourself: Revealed your identity to the crusaders.
Adjustment pixel Riddlemaster: Answered the menhir's riddle, Vidhyadar's riddle, and Thrix's riddle correctly.
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