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Ben 10 Omniverse PS3

Ben 10 Omniverse

In Ben: 10 Omniverse, players will be immersed in exciting action-brawler gameplay featuring the new art style inspired from the show. Gamers will have the power to switch forms and battle as one of 13 playable alien heroes, including never-before-seen aliens like Bloxx and Gravattack, as they work with either Ben or Rook to defeat the evil plans of a fierce villain, intent on destroying the world. Ben 10: Omniverse gives fans the option to play single-player or two-player co-op mode, where one player controls Ben and his alien forms and the other can play as Rook with his Proto-Tool, a high-tech multifunction weapon designed to battle evil.
Ben 10 Omniverse is a Brawler-game for the   developed by Monkey Bar Games and published by Bandai-Namco.
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Omniverse Overlord
Omniverse Overlord: Earn every Trophy in the game
Training Time
Training Time: Completed the training simulation... and wrecked the timeline.
The Galvanic Butterfly Effect
The Galvanic Butterfly Effect: Escape from Malware... for now.
Future Malformed
Future Malformed: Defeat Mucillator.
Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties: Take out Psyphon and rescue Blukic and Driba.
Past Due
Past Due: Defeat the Queen Ant and rescue Grandpa Max.
Extreme Earth Makeover
Extreme Earth Makeover: Discover the morphic generator.
That Was Then...
That Was Then...: Plant the explosives in the past.
...This Is Now
...This Is Now: Set off the explosives in the present.
Weird Scientist
Weird Scientist: Steal Animo's tech and lure Malware to the cavern.
Plumb Crazy
Plumb Crazy: Lure Malware into the Plumber Training Room.
Two Malwares... No Waiting
Two Malwares... No Waiting: Defeat both Malwares and fix the timeline.
Muttin' To It
Muttin' To It: Unlock Wildmutt.
Have A Ball
Have A Ball: Unlock Cannonbolt.
Constructive Feedback
Constructive Feedback: Unlock Feedback.
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty: Unlock Gravattack.
Building Bloxx
Building Bloxx: Unlock Bloxx.
Super Cool
Super Cool: Unlock Arctiguana.
Smoothie Operator
Smoothie Operator: Collect all Smoothie power-ups.
Codon Collector
Codon Collector: Collect all Codon Crystal power-ups.
Omnitrix To The Max
Omnitrix To The Max: Fully upgrade all of Ben's alien forms.
Plumber Power
Plumber Power: Fully upgrade all of Rook's Proto-Tool functions.
Open Season
Open Season: Open 75 Tech Repositories over the course of the game.
Focused Destruction
Focused Destruction: Destroy 8 crates in a single attack.
Mass Destruction
Mass Destruction: Destroy 150 crates in the game.
15-Hitter: Perform a 15-hit combo.
25-Hitter: Perform a 25-hit combo.
35-Hitter: Perform a 35-hit combo.
Up In The Air
Up In The Air: Defeat 30 enemies while they are in the air.
Human Power
Human Power: Defeat 20 enemies as Young Ben or Teen Ben (not in alien form).
Omni What?
Omni What?: Defeat 30 enemies as Young Ben or Teen Ben (not in alien form).
Look, Grandpa--No Aliens!
Look, Grandpa--No Aliens!: Defeat 50 enemies as Young Ben or Teen Ben (not in alien form).
Feedback Frenzy
Feedback Frenzy: Defeat 50 enemies as Feedback.
Think Fast
Think Fast: Defeat 50 enemies as XLR8.
The Eyes Have It
The Eyes Have It: Defeat 50 enemies as Eye Guy.
Shockingly Effective
Shockingly Effective: Defeat 50 enemies as Shocksquatch.
Gravattacktics: Defeat 50 enemies as Gravattack.
Battle Bloxx
Battle Bloxx: Defeat 50 enemies as Bloxx.
Four Times The Fun
Four Times The Fun: Defeat 50 enemies as Four Arms.
Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder: Defeat 50 enemies as Cannonbolt.
Diamond In The Rough
Diamond In The Rough: Defeat 50 enemies as Diamondhead.
Branching Out
Branching Out: Defeat 50 enemies as Wildvine.
Heated Exchange
Heated Exchange: Defeat 50 enemies as Heatblast.
Goin' Mutts
Goin' Mutts: Defeat 50 enemies as Wild Mutt.
Just Chillin'
Just Chillin': Defeat 50 enemies as Arctiguana.
Not A Scratch
Not A Scratch: Complete an entire level without being defeated and reset.
It's Hero Time
It's Hero Time: Complete the entire game on Hero difficulty.
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