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Brut@l PS4


Brut@l is a modern re-imagining of the classic ASCII dungeon crawler, fusing old-school gaming with a fresh 3D visual style to create something unique for the PlayStation 4.
  • US August 9, 2016
  • EU August 9, 2016
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Stormcloud Games
Publisher: Stormcloud Games
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  • 6 Trophy bronze icon
  • 12 Trophy silver icon
  • 6 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Dungeon Master
Adjustment pixel Dungeon Master: Unlock all trophies in BRUT@L (Single player game only)
Novice Dungeoneer
Adjustment pixel Novice Dungeoneer: Complete the first floor of the dungeon (Single player game only)
First Blood
Adjustment pixel First Blood: Kill 10 monsters in a single game (Single player game only)
Dungeon Architect
Adjustment pixel Dungeon Architect: Create and validate a custom dungeon using the Dungeon Creator (Single player game only)
Power of Four
Adjustment pixel Power of Four: Play a single player game with each of the four characters, Ranger, Amazon, Mage and Warrior (Single player game only)
Sharp Suit
Adjustment pixel Sharp Suit: Collect and wear a full suit of armour (Single player game only)
Born Again
Adjustment pixel Born Again: Successfully pay tribute at a God Altar (Single player game only)
Adjustment pixel Firestarter: Enchant a fire weapon (Single player game only)
Ice, Ice, Baby
Adjustment pixel Ice, Ice, Baby: Enchant a frozen weapon (Single player game only)
Poison Ivy
Adjustment pixel Poison Ivy: Enchant a poisoned weapon (Single player game only)
Shock and Awe
Adjustment pixel Shock and Awe: Enchant a power weapon (Single player game only)
Arcane Arsenal
Adjustment pixel Arcane Arsenal: Enchant an arcane weapon (Single player game only)
Adjustment pixel Crafty: Craft one weapon from every weapon category in a single game (Single player game only)
You’re a wizard!
Adjustment pixel You’re a wizard!: Find and use an ancient wand (Single player game only)
Quick tipple
Adjustment pixel Quick tipple: Drink one of each potion in a single game (Single player game only)
Lucky Charm
Adjustment pixel Lucky Charm: Forge a Talisman (Single player game only)
Shhh… It’s a Secret
Adjustment pixel Shhh… It’s a Secret: Find and open a Secret Room (Single player game only)
Adjustment pixel Speedmaster: Complete a level in under 120 seconds (Single player game only)
Adjustment pixel Battle-scarred: Kill 100 monsters in a single game (Single player game only)
Monster Slayer
Adjustment pixel Monster Slayer: Kill 250 enemies in a single game (Single player game only)
Been there, done it
Adjustment pixel Been there, done it: Unlock every skill in a single game (Single player game only)
Halfway to Hell
Adjustment pixel Halfway to Hell: Reach floor 13 of the dungeon (Single player game only)
Enter the Dragon
Adjustment pixel Enter the Dragon: Reached floor 26: The Dragon’s Lair (Single player game only)
A, B, C...
Adjustment pixel A, B, C...: Collect all 26 Basic ASCII (A-Z) in a single game (Single player game only)
Treasure Hunter
Adjustment pixel Treasure Hunter: Gain more than 20,000 loot in a single game (Single player game only)
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