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C14 Dating PS4

C14 Dating

An otome dating sim that combines archaeology, friendships and love
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Winter Wolves
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
  • 14 Trophy bronze icon
  • 16 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Platinum C14
Adjustment pixel Platinum C14: Unlock all other trophies
Dancing Shoji
Adjustment pixel Dancing Shoji: Unlock Dancing Shoji scene
Shoji Festival
Adjustment pixel Shoji Festival: Unlock Shoji Festival scene
Shoji Week 7 CG
Adjustment pixel Shoji Week 7 CG: Unlock Shoji Week 7 CG
Shoji Week 7 Chibi
Adjustment pixel Shoji Week 7 Chibi: Unlock Shoji Week 7 Chibi
Shoji Friendship Chibi
Adjustment pixel Shoji Friendship Chibi: Unlock Shoji Friendship Chibi
Shoji Love CG
Adjustment pixel Shoji Love CG: Unlock Shoji Love CG
Dancing Deandre
Adjustment pixel Dancing Deandre: Unlock Dancing Deandre scene
Deandre Festival
Adjustment pixel Deandre Festival: Unlock Deandre Festival scene
Deandre Week 7 CG
Adjustment pixel Deandre Week 7 CG: Unlock Deandre Week 7 CG
Deandre Week 7 Chibi
Adjustment pixel Deandre Week 7 Chibi: Unlock Deandre Week 7 Chibi
Deandre Friendship Chibi
Adjustment pixel Deandre Friendship Chibi: Unlock Deandre Friendship Chibi
Deandre Love CG
Adjustment pixel Deandre Love CG: Unlock Deandre Love CG
Dancing Kyler
Adjustment pixel Dancing Kyler: Unlock Dancing Kyler scene
Kyler Festival
Adjustment pixel Kyler Festival: Unlock Kyler Festival scene
Kyler Week 7 CG
Adjustment pixel Kyler Week 7 CG: Unlock Kyler Week 7 CG
Kyler Week 7 Chibi
Adjustment pixel Kyler Week 7 Chibi: Unlock Kyler Week 7 Chibi
Kyler Friendship Chibi
Adjustment pixel Kyler Friendship Chibi: Unlock Kyler Friendship Chibi
Kyler Love CG
Adjustment pixel Kyler Love CG: Unlock Kyler Love CG
Dancing Hendrik
Adjustment pixel Dancing Hendrik: Unlock Dancing Hendrik scene
Hendrik Festival
Adjustment pixel Hendrik Festival: Unlock Hendrik Festival scene
Hendrik Week 7 CG
Adjustment pixel Hendrik Week 7 CG: Unlock Hendrik Week 7 CG
Hendrik Friendship Chibi
Adjustment pixel Hendrik Friendship Chibi: Unlock Hendrik Friendship Chibi
Hendrik Love CG
Adjustment pixel Hendrik Love CG: Unlock Hendrik Love CG
Dancing Joan
Adjustment pixel Dancing Joan: Unlock Dancing Joan scene
Festival Joan
Adjustment pixel Festival Joan: Unlock Festival Joan scene
Joan Flute Chibi scene
Adjustment pixel Joan Flute Chibi scene: Unlock Joan Flute Chibi scene
Joan Snails Chibi scene
Adjustment pixel Joan Snails Chibi scene: Unlock Joan Snails Chibi scene
Joan Friendship Chibi
Adjustment pixel Joan Friendship Chibi: Unlock Joan Friendship Chibi
Joan Love CG
Adjustment pixel Joan Love CG: Unlock Joan Love CG
Group Photo CG
Adjustment pixel Group Photo CG: Unlock Group Photo CG
Rosemarie Festival CG
Adjustment pixel Rosemarie Festival CG: Unlock Rosemarie Festival CG
Sea Snails Chibi scene
Adjustment pixel Sea Snails Chibi scene: Unlock Sea Snails Chibi scene
Chantal Nails Chibi
Adjustment pixel Chantal Nails Chibi: Unlock Chantal Nails Chibi
Deandre-Kyler Festival Chibi
Adjustment pixel Deandre-Kyler Festival Chibi: Unlock Deandre-Kyler Festival Chibi
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