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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will lead players through heroic battles with hallmark boots-on-the-ground combat. The campaign spans our solar system, taking players on a journey from Earth to beyond our atmosphere.
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a First person shooter, Action-game for the   developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision.
  • US November 4, 2016
  • EU November 4, 2016
  • JP N/A
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Progression: 32 of 79
Platinum: Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.
Rising Threat
Rising Threat: Complete Rising Threat.
Earned Sun Nov 13 12:02:46 2016
Black Sky
Black Sky: Complete Black Sky.
Earned Sun Nov 13 12:43:13 2016
Operation Port Armor
Operation Port Armor: Complete Operation Port Armor.
Earned Sun Nov 20 12:13:18 2016
Operation Burn Water
Operation Burn Water: Complete Operation Burn Water.
Earned Sun Nov 27 14:26:50 2016
Operation Dark Quarry
Operation Dark Quarry: Complete Operation Dark Quarry.
Earned Thu Jan 12 03:36:02 2017
Operation Black Flag
Operation Black Flag: Complete Operation Black Flag.
Earned Thu Jan 12 04:47:27 2017
Operation Blood Storm
Operation Blood Storm: Complete Operation Blood Storm.
Earned Thu Jan 12 06:08:39 2017
The Longest Day
The Longest Day: Complete all Single Player missions on Veteran.
Operation Taken Dagger
Operation Taken Dagger: Complete Operation Taken Dagger.
Earned Sun Nov 27 12:49:44 2016
Operation Phoenix
Operation Phoenix: Complete Operation Phoenix.
Earned Wed Jan 11 06:22:45 2017
Operation D-Con
Operation D-Con: Complete Operation D-Con.
Earned Wed Jan 11 06:01:27 2017
Operation Deep Execute
Operation Deep Execute: Complete Operation Deep Execute.
Earned Sun Nov 27 13:23:20 2016
Targets of Opportunity
Targets of Opportunity: Complete all ship boarding side missions.
Earned Wed Jan 11 06:22:45 2017
Operation Safe Harbor
Operation Safe Harbor: Complete Operation Safe Harbor.
Earned Wed Jan 11 06:39:06 2017
Operation Pure Threat
Operation Pure Threat: Complete Operation Pure Threat.
Earned Wed Jan 11 06:49:52 2017
Operation Grave Robber
Operation Grave Robber: Complete Operation Grave Robber.
Earned Sun Nov 27 14:45:48 2016
Operation Sudden Death
Operation Sudden Death: Complete Operation Sudden Death.
Earned Sun Nov 27 15:08:09 2016
Operation Trace Kill
Operation Trace Kill: Complete Operation Trace Kill.
Earned Thu Jan 12 03:56:24 2017
Top Gun
Top Gun: Complete all Jackal-only side missions.
Earned Thu Jan 12 03:56:24 2017
New Gun Collector
New Gun Collector: Scan your first weapon!
Earned Sun Nov 13 12:10:18 2016
Serious Gun Collector
Serious Gun Collector: Scan 10 weapons.
Earned Sun Nov 20 12:06:06 2016
Gun Nut
Gun Nut: All weapons scanned.
Peace to the Fallen
Peace to the Fallen: Listened to all of the death letters of the fallen.
Earned Thu Jan 12 06:19:23 2017
Make it Personal
Make it Personal: Load out with a custom weapon.
Gear Up
Gear Up: Find your first equipment upgrade.
Earned Sun Nov 20 11:45:08 2016
Fully Equipped
Fully Equipped: Earn all equipment upgrades.
Fangs Out
Fangs Out: Earn your first Jackal item (weapon or upgrade).
Earned Sun Nov 27 14:45:47 2016
Jackal Ace
Jackal Ace: Earn all Jackal weapons and upgrades.
Earned Wed Jan 11 06:49:52 2017
Ante Up
Ante Up: Get your first kill on the most-wanted board.
Earned Sun Nov 20 12:13:17 2016
Aces High
Aces High: Clear half of the most-wanted board.
Earned Wed Jan 11 06:22:45 2017
Royal Flush
Royal Flush: All SDF Aces and Captains killed.
Earned Thu Jan 12 05:04:08 2017
Danger Close
Danger Close: Kill 15 enemies with a zero G grappling hook.
You Know Nothing
You Know Nothing: Kill Kotch before his speech ends.
Captain's Log
Captain's Log: Use the computer in the Captain's office.
Earned Sun Nov 13 12:50:00 2016
Reality TV
Reality TV: Watch a news cast.
Earned Sun Nov 20 12:15:21 2016
Boots on the Ground
Boots on the Ground: Go 2 minutes without double jumping or wall running in a mission where these abilities are available.
Earned Sun Nov 13 11:56:13 2016
Peek-a-boo!: Kick open a door, peek open a door, and throw a grenade while peeking a door.
Earned Sun Nov 20 11:53:08 2016
Gravity Kills
Gravity Kills: Kill an enemy while floating in your own anti-gravity grenade.
Earned Thu Jan 12 03:30:15 2017
C12: Kill a C12 by doing a right rodeo, a left rodeo and by blowing off multiple limbs.
Sticker Collector
Sticker Collector: In Spaceland, find all of the quest items and complete the sticker pack.
Sooooul Key
Sooooul Key: In Spaceland, recover the piece of the Soul Key.
The Bigger They Are
The Bigger They Are: In Spaceland, defeat 5 Brutes in one game without dying.
Hoff The Charts!
Hoff The Charts!: In Spaceland, unlock David Hasselhoff.
Rock On!
Rock On!: In Spaceland, craft a Weapon of Rock.
Get Packed
Get Packed: In Spaceland, Pack-A-Punch a weapon.
Batteries Not Included
Batteries Not Included: In Spaceland, create an Exquisite Core.
I Love the 80's
I Love the 80's: In Spaceland, find the MW1 and MW2 songs.
Insert Coin
Insert Coin: In Spaceland, play every arcade game at least once.
Brain Dead
Brain Dead: In Spaceland, play 30 games and get to scene 10 or higher.
Dominion: Win 5 online matches in Multiplayer.
Call of Duty® Infinite Warfare - Sabotage DLC
Locksmith: In Rave in the Redwoods, recover the piece of Soul Key.
Super Slacker
Super Slacker: In Rave in the Redwoods, unlock Kevin Smith.
Stick 'em
Stick 'em: In Rave in the Redwoods, earn 100 kills with an upgraded crossbow.
Hallucination Nation
Hallucination Nation: In Rave in the Redwoods, stay in Rave Vision for 5 minutes after scene 10.
Tables Turned
Tables Turned: In Rave in the Redwoods, kill the Slasher with his weapon.
Rave On
Rave On: In Rave in the Redwoods, find the hidden song.
Ride For Your Life
Ride For Your Life: In Rave in the Redwoods, ride every zipline.
Scrapbooking: In Rave in the Redwoods, complete your photo collection and mementos.
Pump It Up
Pump It Up: In Rave in the Redwoods, Pack-a-Punch a weapon.
Top Camper
Top Camper: In Rave in the Redwoods, earn all camp badges.
Call of Duty® Infinite Warfare - Continuum DLC
Book Worm
Book Worm: In Shaolin Shuffle, find and collect all bios for AJ, Andre, Poindexter and Sally.
Coin-Op: In Shaolin Shuffle, complete Skullbuster.
Beat of the Drum
Beat of the Drum: In Shaolin Shuffle, find the hidden song.
Sliced and Diced
Sliced and Diced: In Shaolin Shuffle, Pack-A-Punch the final Weapon.
Pest Control
Pest Control: In Shaolin Shuffle, recover one piece of the Soul Key.
Exterminator: In Shaolin Shuffle, defeat the final boss with the special guest.
Shaolin Skills
Shaolin Skills: In Shaolin Shuffle, max all Chi abilities in a single game.
Message Received
Message Received: The end of the longest journey is a single step.
Soul Brother
Soul Brother: In Shaolin Shuffle, collect all the newspaper clippings.
Some Assembly Required
Some Assembly Required: In Shaolin Shuffle, build all the craftable items in a game.
Call of Duty® Infinite Warfare - Absolution DLC
Soul-Less: In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, recover the piece of the Soul Key.
Unpleasant Dreams
Unpleasant Dreams: In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, collect the piece of Soul Key as Elvira.
Mistress of the Dark
Mistress of the Dark: In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, unlock Elvira.
Quarter Muncher
Quarter Muncher: In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, complete Skullhop.
Bait and Switch
Bait and Switch: In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, restore and use all traps.
Belly of the Beast
Belly of the Beast: In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, enter the bomb codes correctly on first try.
MAD Proto
MAD Proto: In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, assemble the M.A.D. (Modular Atomic Disintegrator).
Dear Diary
Dear Diary: In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, listen to all of Willard’s personal recordings.
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