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Call of the Sea PS4

Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is an otherworldly tale of mystery and love set in the 1930s South Pacific. Explore a lush island paradise, solve puzzles and unlock secrets in the hunt for your husband’s missing expedition.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Out of the Blue
Publisher: Raw Fury
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  • 11 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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The Call of the Sea
Adjustment pixel The Call of the Sea: You have unlocked all trophies
A Family Heirloom
Adjustment pixel A Family Heirloom: You have completed the Prologue.
74 miles East of Otaheité
Adjustment pixel 74 miles East of Otaheité: You have completed Chapter 1.
The Everhart Expedition
Adjustment pixel The Everhart Expedition: You have completed Chapter 2.
Seaside Serenade
Adjustment pixel Seaside Serenade: You raised the basalt pathway from the bottom of the sea.
The Vanishing of the Lady Shannon
Adjustment pixel The Vanishing of the Lady Shannon: You have completed Chapter 3.
506 East Hampden Avenue
Adjustment pixel 506 East Hampden Avenue: You crossed the dried ocean and made it to your house.
Quite a Show
Adjustment pixel Quite a Show: You have completed Chapter 4.
Dark Water Ride
Adjustment pixel Dark Water Ride: You swam through the Big Stream in the Sunken Town.
Adjustment pixel Sunken: You have completed Chapter 5.
Deep Cut
Adjustment pixel Deep Cut: You used your blood to open the Sanctuary gates.
Adjustment pixel FHALGOF'N': You have completed Chapter 6.
The only thing I have now
Adjustment pixel The only thing I have now: You have completed the Game.
A brigantine, a brig and a barque
Adjustment pixel A brigantine, a brig and a barque: You have found the secret object in Chapter 1.
Gently down the stream...
Adjustment pixel Gently down the stream...: Where did my motorboat go?
Adjustment pixel Interesting...: You have found 25% of the story logs.
Halfway there
Adjustment pixel Halfway there: You have found 50% of the story logs.
The Amazing Adventures of Norah Everhart
Adjustment pixel The Amazing Adventures of Norah Everhart: You have found all the story logs.
I'll make a note of that...
Adjustment pixel I'll make a note of that...: You have collected all the puzzles notes.
Written in Stone
Adjustment pixel Written in Stone: You have found all the murals on the island.
Weekend at Walakea's
Adjustment pixel Weekend at Walakea's: You have found the secret object in Chapter 2.
Marsh Cannery
Adjustment pixel Marsh Cannery: You have found the secret object in Chapter 3.
Greetings from Y'ha-nthlei!
Adjustment pixel Greetings from Y'ha-nthlei!: You have found the secret object in Chapter 4.
Underwater Royalty
Adjustment pixel Underwater Royalty: You have found the secret object in Chapter 5.
Candid Photo
Adjustment pixel Candid Photo: You have found the secret object in Chapter 6.
Play it again, Norah
Adjustment pixel Play it again, Norah: You have replayed a level.
Fawning Developers
Adjustment pixel Fawning Developers: We know it, we are the teacher’s pet. BUY ALL RAW FURY GAMES!
The Lady Shannon Recording
Adjustment pixel The Lady Shannon Recording: Now you can sell the scoop to any tabloid newspaper.
You looked that up in a guide!
Adjustment pixel You looked that up in a guide!: You played the notes of the music box of Chapter 4 on the piano in Chapter 3.
Not Another Boring Slideshow!
Adjustment pixel Not Another Boring Slideshow!: You watched the last slide from Harry's projector.
Adjustment pixel Soundcheck: You made Norah sing to a microphone with no power. Are you happy now?
The Norahnomicon
Adjustment pixel The Norahnomicon: Norah didn't write that, did she?
Adjustment pixel Naacalvision: You experienced all the visions in Chapter 5.
Otherwordly Portal
Adjustment pixel Otherwordly Portal: You opened a portal to Arcadia.
Adjustment pixel Meta-reference: You found the Out of the Blue Key.